Extendable garden table
up to 18/20 people
Dining tables extendable up to 20 seats, designed and built to be placed outdoors.
Extendable garden table console
up to 14/16 people
Extendable tables up to 16 seats, made of solid wood, ideal for gardens and terraces.

Extendable wooden outdoor tables: functionality and solidity

LG Lesmo garden tables are the perfect solution for furnishing outdoor spaces, verandas, patios and terraces. The optimal idea for those who do not want to occupy the outdoor space with a large table, but at the same time don't want to give up having guests for dinner or lunch. For this reason LG Lesmo has designed extendable outdoor tables, available both in console and fixed table version. The LG Lesmo extendable garden tables are entirely made of solid beech wood. All hardware and mechanisms of the extendable wooden outdoor tables are made of stainless steel to prevent weather and atmospheric agents from interfering with the mechanism. Finally, the telescopic guides are entirely made of anodized aluminum profile, water resistant and suitable for outdoor use.


Extendable garden tables are the ideal solution for those who want to receive friends or relatives enjoying outdoor space. Extendable outdoor consoles and fixed tables are designed to take up little space when closed, so you can take advantage of the outdoor space, and can be lengthened if necessary. All extendable outdoor tables can be lengthened through extensions that can be placed inside the house hanging on the wall like a painting. How? Simple, choose a photograph from our catalogue or send us the image. Extendable outdoor tables extensions can be mounted in a modular way, each table can be opened with one, two or three extensions, depending on the number of seats you want to reach.
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