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Porta sedie pieghevoli
The folding chairs container cabinet is the result of months of study: we have a long experience in the field of transformable furniture and knowing your domestic needs is our job, that's why we designed the folding chairs. This article in appearance is only a valuable piece of furniture made of real quality wood, but is actually a container for LG Lesmo's folding chairs. The container is fully customizable and can easily be integrated into any type of furniture.

Finally the space-saving solution you were looking for!

Our chairs container cabinets are the solution for those who want to have wooden folding chairs always in order, but at the same time don't want to give up quality and aesthetics. Our chairs container cabinet is entirely made of wood and can be customized with any finish or color. Discover the wide range of finishes available for your chairs container cabinet!


Practical container for folding chairs to be placed near the sofa as an armrest.


Container folding chairs to hang on the wall, with front opening; practical, comfortable and functional.









LG Lesmo's solution

We like to think big: not only do we offer you a wide range of transformable and space-saving chairs, but we also give you the right idea to store them and take up as little space as possible! Choose among the many available finishes the one that's right for you: integrate the high-quality folding chairs container cabinet with the already existing furniture in your home and make it a practical sofa armrest or storage unit. Choose the size that best suits your needs between the two versions available: the first contains up to 4 folding chairs, the second up to 6. Also reminds that the modern container can be held vertically or horizontally depending on the space in home and on your comfort.
Cabinet container chairs

Chairs container cabinet: hidden practicality

Here is the LG Lesmo solution to contain the comfortable and thin folding chairs! This piece of furniture can be used as a practical tray, a sofa armrest or a simple container. Moreover it can be placed anywhere in both horizontal and vertical position. Even if it's transformable it'll go unnoticed, perfectly integrated with the surrounding furniture!
Cabinet container chairs detail

Folding chairs with container; aesthetics and design

Beyond its practical function, this small cabinet is built with top quality materials and is entirely customizable: why should you give up aesthetics when you can make a wonderful piece of furniture built especially for you in precious solid beech? And it's also space-saving!
Cabinet container chairs detail
Cabinet container chairs

Chairs container cabinet: the surprise effect

The practical folding chair container cabinet is the modern and smart solution that LG Lesmo offers you to save space at home. Enough with improvised arrangements that create disorder: from today you can store your valuable solid wood folding chairs, inside a specially designed structure. No one will be able to imagine that up to 6 chairs can come out of this precious but small cabinet! Surprise your guests!

What you don't expect in a chair container

Looking at it, you would never think that this is a convertible furniture item that can hold from 4 to 6 chairs at a time. LG Lesmo does this: it creates the opportunity for anyone to decorate home with quality products, handcrafted and devoted to saving space. The folding chairs container cabinet can be a simple container, a piece of furniture at the entrance, a sofa armrest and anything else you need at home. If necessary, to the amazement of who will attend the scene, you can open the precious solid beech cabinet door and extract the number of chairs that are temporary needed. It looks like a magic number that leaves everyone speechless: no one would expect so much functionality in so little space!
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